3 reasons to have your couples shoot at home

I know a lot of my clients are looking for effortless and natural photos that represent THEM so here are a few reasons why having your next shoot at home is a great option!

1. It's your space!

What better place to do it than in your own home! You have everything that represents you there and having familiar surroundings works to everyones' benefit. Instead of fumbling with your hands and hair, at least in your own space you have things to do. Making a cup of coffee and sitting at the kitchen table with your partner makes for some great candid shots!

Perth photographer

2. More comfortable

We all know that being in front of a camera is a pretty uncomfortable thing for most people and so when your photographer is telling you to "Act natural!" it feels like the least natural thing to do. As I said, having familiar surroundings makes a world of difference in how comfortable you feel on the day.

Perth photographer

3. Creating memories 

Most things in our home have a meaning of some sort, whether it be a beautiful piano that was passed down from your grandmother, to your mother to now you, or a favourite photo of your fur baby that's hanging on the wall. It can also be a reminder of where you raised your children. These are the kinds of things we want to remember when we look back at our photos 5, 10 years from now and it's a reminder of that particular moment in time. Where you were, what you were doing and who you were surrounded by. Isn't that special?!

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